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Yvonne Maria Schaefer

Yvonne Maria Schaefer is an actress (SAG/AFTRA), awarded producer, consultant and world traveler. In 2008 she founded the film production company YMC Films in New York and in 2012 a branch in Germany, the YMC Entertainment GmbH.

She was involved in over 55 films and her film productions include among others, FORGET ME NOT (2009) directed by Federico Castelluccio, with Peter Greene, THE CHILD, an adaption of a bestselling novel by Sebastian Fitzek, with a star cast, released in theatres in 2012, CHECKMATE, KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER (2013), premiering at the AFME, supported by Robert Redford, HOME STAY (2018), BERLIN I LOVE YOU (2018) and the action film, shot on location in Istanbul THE OTHER PATH (2019).

YMC's documentary co-productions, include STICK EM UP RELODED (2015), THE CUBAN HERD (2016) and GLORY PERU (2018).

As an actress she can be seen in films such as CHECKMATE, THE CHILD, THE BROOKLYN BANKER, LITTLE WEST 12th STREET and MEDUSA.

In addition, Yvonne consults on many international film productions and is an executive advisor for various other companies including Mercaptor Discoveries Pharmaceuticals, where she was Chairman of the Executive Advisory Board.

Nicci Kuhn

Nicci Kuhn worked for over 20 years on the pediatric intensive care unit of the Frankfurt JWG University Hospital as pediatric nurse. About 3 years ago, she moved to the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, where she still works in the open youth department. Nicci Kuhn is a freelance photographer and has been traveling the crisis areas of the world for many years to draw attention to fates through her photography.

In the Middle East - like Palestine (West Bank), Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Kuwait, she visits refugee camps and the people who have lost everything.
She also travels to Burma, Thailand, India, and Cambodia in slums, slums or HIV monasteries in Far East Asia. Thanks to the project POORPOOR (Help for the Unseen), which she founded with friends and family, many people have already been helped with private relief supplies

Dr. Jeremy Gaines

Dr. Jeremy Gaines (born 1958, educated in Thailand, Turkey, Germany and the UK) is a writer and consultant based in Frankfurt, Germany. He completed his doctorate on political philosophy in 1985 and held a number of academic positions at Frankfurt University before working for the German Bundesbank.

Since 1993 he has worked freelance as a consultant and publicist, specifically in the fields of sustainability and renewable energy. Since 2008 he has been German Coordinator of the Nigerian German Energy Partnership (NGEP).
Since 2016 he has been Managing Director of Dantata Solar Ltd., a JV established between Nigerian and German companies to service the B2B solar market.

He is currently active on various projects relating to sustainability, infrastructure and agro-industrial development, as well as technical training.  As part of his work on sustainability, he authored the “Manifesto for Sustainable Cities” (published in Arabic, English and German). He has authored numerous articles and books on urbanism and sustainability in Africa.


Karl Georg Graf zu Solms-Laubach

Karl Georg Graf zu Solms-Laubach

Karl Georg Graf zu Solms-Laubach, born 01.12.1963 in Laubach, has been running his own family business in Laubach since 1991, after studying forestry.

In addition to ecological forestry, he is also involved in social issues through the theme of sustainability, as a member of the city parliament and as a board member of the Diakonie center "Johann Friedrich Stift" in Upper Hesse. A special passion is the music and art, since 2001 he is dedicated to the promotion of highly talented young singers and the organization of numerous cultural events at Schloss Laubach. "Music to keep the World" - a motto that of course has a special significance for Count Solms-Laubach as part of his social activities with the Keep the World Foundation against this background.

Nahid Shahalimi

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Nahid Shahalimi - mother of 2 girls - is one of the most prolific and promising artists in the world of art. Today she lives in Munich, Germany. But, she grew up and is at home with her family all over the world - in Pakistan, Spain, Germany, the United States and Canada. Against this background she speaks 6 languages.

She graduated with Honors in International Politics and South East Asian Studies and won her first Art Contest at the age of 16. After surviving the warrior's abominations and fleeing Afghanistan from her beloved hometown, she now dedicates portions of the proceeds of her art and projects to humanitarian ends. For many years, Shahalimi has promoted UNICEF Germany through organizing fundraising events on arts and creativity. At the same time, she is an active member of Avicenna eV, a non-profit humanitarian organization for street children in Kabul, Afghanistan, and founder and chairman of HOFA eV, Foundation for Hope for Women and Children in Afghanistan.

She also writes columns and articles for the press and in January 2014 her first book will be published "We are the Women-Germany".

Through her diverse artistic work, Nahid Shahalimi brings color and life into all facets of humanity.

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